Learning Outcome 4


Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a film distributor. They might be employed by a production company.




A film director is somebody who is in charge of making the film. The director controls the artistic and dramatic aspects  and visualizes the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.



A film editor is in charge of all the editing and special effects in the movie.  Editor is in charge of the soundtracks, introduction and the titles .




Operation Transformation

We, in Blanchardstown CTC recently did an ‘Operation Transformation’. Operation transformation started on the 3rd of February and finished 8 weeks after, on the 28th of March. The 8 weeks consisted of hard physical training in the Blanchardstown CTC facilities which would consist of at least a 45 minute workout and the final run was on a Friday, the 28th of March. The run was a 5K run in the Phoenix Park which everybody had to participate in this event.

Everybody had to bring in their gear for the training. The first training was the hardest for most of the people in the centre because not everybody exercises, but week after week it got easier as everybody was getting used to it in the routine.

Overall I think everybody enjoyed the event and had a good time.


minde on the run 5k


Pictures taken from http://www.blanchardstownctc.ie

Copyright and Internet Policy

Here are some of the main acts in the Irish Constitution :

1. Copyright and Related Rights Act (2000,2004)

2. Data Protection Act (1988,2003)

3. Defamation Act (2009)

4. Consumer Protection Act (2007)


Copyright means that the author has the right to copy it. This ensures that whoever created the song or book in the first place gets paid every time it’s used or sold, and that other people can’t profit off it if they’re not entitled to it.

There are difficulties to enforcing copyright. Some examples would be that there are anonymous users, that it is hard to track down offenders and that the context spreads too fast.

There also some current copyright issues. Some examples would be that you can stream any film online , artists are getting paid less. Laws are changing and sites are getting blocked but there are always alternatives , and if you need anything it’s only a click away.

When does a copyright apply? A copyright applies as soon as something is published. A copyright lasts for an average of 50-70 years.

Internet Policy.. Most businesses have an IAUP. This describes what websites can be accessed and gives details on how to avoid viruses that propagate through pop-up adsand spam emails. There are lists of what websites are accessible.

The reasons for that are that people aren’t wasting resources , less chances of defamation, less chance of confidential information being shared, more productivity, less chance of getting a virus and so people don’t be looking up ‘dirty stuff’ .