Operation Transformation

We, in Blanchardstown CTC recently did an ‘Operation Transformation’. Operation transformation started on the 3rd of February and finished 8 weeks after, on the 28th of March. The 8 weeks consisted of hard physical training in the Blanchardstown CTC facilities which would consist of at least a 45 minute workout and the final run was on a Friday, the 28th of March. The run was a 5K run in the Phoenix Park which everybody had to participate in this event.

Everybody had to bring in their gear for the training. The first training was the hardest for most of the people in the centre because not everybody exercises, but week after week it got easier as everybody was getting used to it in the routine.

Overall I think everybody enjoyed the event and had a good time.


minde on the run 5k


Pictures taken from http://www.blanchardstownctc.ie


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